Yu Yu Hakusho: Spiritual Anarchy

Generations past the show, the Demon and Spirit Worlds fell out of alliance by a war known as the Aparition Massacre started by the once renowned Yusuke Urameshi
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 ODa The Psychic =3

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Appearance: The Appearance Of My Avatar

Personality:Quite Humble and Nice toward others. He Respects those that he cares for and even those he doesnt know. But when crossed, he can be known to be quite fearsome and his personality changes from soft and caring to serious and destructive. He can also be somewhat of a pervert at times o_o


Character History: Oda is the great-grandson of the Great Yusuke Urameshi and therefore was quite known even as a child. As a child, he was already an adept at spiritual energy control and trained some with his aged grandfather, Yusuke, before he died in the war he started between the demons and Spirit World. When younger, his parents were sought out by a group of demon thugs who eventually succeeded in their assault on his parents, eventually killing them in cold blooded murder. This completely Devastated Oda in his childhood and for that reason he decided to ignore his parents' philosophy of "Not to ever use Spiritual Energy, It only leads to Murder and Destruction".At the age of 12, He absorbed the very Spirit Wave Orb that his grandfather absorbed those many years back. Though it almost killed him and took him 48 hours to absorb, he completed the last training session Yusuke would ever give him begore his death. Over the years, even after his Grandfather's Death, he continued to hone his skills and spiritual energy until he then became a spirit detective, just like his Grandfather. He took on many missions in his career, not ever failing a single one and took the name of "The Swift Slaughterer" by his comrades and other spirit detectives. Soon enough, he had trained and gained power surpassing that of a Spirit Detective and was the winner in the Dark Tournament along with his other teamates. He continues to hone his skills and is still known as one of the most powerful human beings alive, when he is not in school that is ;p. He is currently a high school senior and will graduate soon.

Ability Type:Spiritual Energy Manipulation [Spirit Wave]

(Here Is My Registration XD use this as an example...though mine isn't very long..but its good)
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ODa The Psychic =3
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