Yu Yu Hakusho: Spiritual Anarchy

Generations past the show, the Demon and Spirit Worlds fell out of alliance by a war known as the Aparition Massacre started by the once renowned Yusuke Urameshi
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 Species Rule/Info

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PostSubject: Species Rule/Info   Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:14 pm

Humans- Obvious...and there Humans that are good...and ones that are evil.
But, most humans...should be good

Apparitions- ARE Demons....but they resemble Humans in appearance. When an Apparition gets strong, sometimes they are able to transform into an actual Demonic Appearance. This form will make them stronger, but drains more of their energy.

Demons- Kind of obvious what these are as well. There are no demons with human appearances
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Species Rule/Info
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